2018 is closely approaching and this is the time many people start to think about what they can do to “better” themselves for the New Year. Having a new meal plan or health plan is trendy and typical but it really does help to have some sort of idea of what you want to accomplish ahead of time.

Same should go for workplace goals. Safety should be at the top of any organization's list. Making sure protocol is followed, motivation stays peaked and ideas continue to flow.

What sort of ways could an organization prepare or celebrate the New Year and motivate their team at the same time? Here are a few options for what you could do and what it would do for your team and safety atmosphere:

  • Hang Banners throughout the organization about new goals and goals met.

  • Throw a party at the beginning of the year to express your intentions for the upcoming year and celebrate the prior year's accomplishments.

  • Replenish the work material with new work gloves, safety glasses, lanyards, pens with your company logo and safety slogan.

  • Announce a new Engagement Program that will incentivize the workers throughout the year.

Extra Step To Safety

You can find all these items and more at SafetyAwardSource with the capability of customizing and personalizing to your need for your 2018 goals. Here are just a few to get you started:

Reach out to a SAS representative about custom ideas that need more details.

Don't go into a new year blinded and unprepared. Motivate, Engage, Encourage your organization and teammates to be a “better you.”