A big surprise for many organizations is the power that safety has to draw people together. Generating motion toward a goal can be a struggle, but the motivated employee is one who is actively pursuing the goal of safety improvement and therefore being active in a culture of safety more often.

Get engagement right.
New attention to safety doesn't always guarantee engagement. HOW safety is introduced, explained and managed all influence the degree to which employees will actively engage with safety; and whether that engagement will cross over into the organization generally.

Safety incentives are still seen in two ways. OSHA has been known to say a positive (safety) incentive program encourages or rewards workers for reporting injuries, illnesses, near-misses, or hazards; and/OR recognizes, rewards, and thereby encourages worker involvement in the safety and health management system. We prefer the ladder. Think about implementing incentive programs based on safety activities rather than injury results.

Benefits of Employee Engagement: in conjunction with effective safety leadership, employee engagement is the other key component of a safety culture. Without active participation by all members of an organization, a safety culture will not evolve and the safety management system will not reach its full potential. The benefits of active employee participation include:

  • Employees who do the work know the most about the risks involved and how to make the work safer

  • Employees who feel valued when their ideas and suggestions are requested and taken seriously are more responsible and committed to company success

  • Employees will support and use processes, policies, and programs because they have been involved in forming them

  • Employees have a personal interest in recognizing hazards and reporting them

Employee Engagement is the key to improving WORKPLACE SAFETY. Building a safe work environment is challenging indeed. Also challenging though is the ability to maintain that safety over the long-term. Many companies struggle with how to best keep workers and customers safe. One tactic that works across the board is active employee engagement.

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