Safety should be woven throughout all you do, day in and day out. Commit to a culture of safety among your employees. Training your employees to perform a 360 vehicle walk-around each time they get into the vehicle should be a priority.

What are some practices you can do as a 360 walk-around check?

  • Is there any visible damage or wear to the vehicle tires? And are they inflated properly?

  • Are there any low to the ground obstructions like walls, rocks, snow piles, fire hydrants near the vehicle?

  • Make sure your loaded material and equipment are secure.

  • Is there anyone or anything behind the vehicle?

  • Check that all lights and wipers are in working condition.

  • Make sure all glass is clean and visible.

  • Check the windshield washer fluid and fuel levels.

  • Look for any fluid leaks.

  • Make sure the dash and floorboards are clear of objects that can minimize vision.

  • Are the seat belts working properly?

  • Are there any warning lights on the dash?

How can you remind your team and drivers to do these checks? Display a 360 walk-around decal, magnet, sticker, or accessory as a friendly reminder to do their due-diligence and check their vehicle. 
SafetyAwardSource has created four stock designs you can put on any product you find necessary to help remind your team.

Did You Check Circle Do Your Check
Truck Check  walk around



Or, contact us for help in creating your own design and finding the right product for your organization.

See some of the options we have available online today and start the process of the 360 walk-around and committing your team to a culture of safety.